Fragnance (Pack of 4) Bundle A

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Short Description

Bundle Includes

  • 1 x Charming Mandarin Fragrance Spray (75mL)
  • 1 x Chic Men Perfume (50mL)
  • 1 x Classic Freedom Men Perfume
  • 1 x Classic Simple Style Scent Diffuser (Rose)

Detail of Each Product

Charming Mandarin Fragrance Spray (75mL)

  • Charming Mandarin imported Spray
  • Expirable: Yes
  • Size: 33*33*157mm
  • Perfume capacity: 75ml
  • Cheap price Spray
  • Best Fragrance

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Chic Men Perfume (50mL)

  • Targeted Group: Men
  • Perfume Name: Chic Men
  • Perfume capacity: 50ml
  • Expirable: Yes
  • Size: 63*35*118mm
  • Best-long-lasting-perfumes

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Classic Freedom Men Perfume

  • Brand new Classic Freedom Men Perfume
  • Fragrance classic elegant
  • Classic Freedom original packaging
  • Men Perfume original box
  • Classic Freedom original tags attached.
  • Birthday gift for Men.
  • Material: ALCOHOL | WATER | PARFUM | BHT
  • Size: 73*33*100mm

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Classic Simple Style Scent Diffuser (Rose)

  • Classic Simple Style Scent Diffuser (Rose)
  • Artfully designed simple yet elegant artistic designs.
  • Inspired by nature made with essential oils and decorated.
  • It is the best Household item.
  •  long-lasting fragrance fluid ounces of concentrated high-quality fragrance oil.

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