supa affiliate program

Why work with Supa?

With thousands of products available at reasonable prices has emerged as an upcoming brand with multiple categories by making effective impact on e-commerce sale on daily basis.

supa affiliate marketing

Influencers, vloggers, content creators, publishers and bloggers use easy link-building tools to direct their audience to their recommendations, and earn commission on qualifying purchases.


Terms & condition:

  1. After our two step registration, your application for our affiliated marketer program will be processed and approved within 24 hours.
  2. After your approval, you will be logged into our affiliate's portal. In which you can generate your referral link to all 's pages and products. All referral purchases made through you would be recorded in your portal on a real-time basis.
  3. In your affiliate's portal ,you will get to know about your commission, your daily sales and all required statistics.
  4. Moreover, you will get a discount voucher code, which you can offer to your customers for better engagement.
  5. Within 15 days of cycle your earned money will be transferred to your given bank account.
  6. The content of all your social media referrals campaign should be portrayed on a very thoughtful and respectful manner.
  7. When you begin your affiliated marketing journey with us, you shall be given a probation period of 20 days.
  8. If no sale has been referred through your account during these 20-days-probation-period, your account as an affiliated marketer for Supa will be disabled.
  9. encourages our affiliates to promote their referrals to genuine e-commerce customers. Therefore, if 3 conservative referral orders are cancelled or returned , then your account as an affiliated marketer for Supa will be disabled. However, if you feel your account has been wrongfully disabled, you can always email us your query at
  10. If affiliated marketing management is satisfied with your performance you will be added to our Bronze List of Affiliated Marketers. In which you will be awarded with more sales commission and better discount voucher for your referred customers.
  11. Feel free to ask anything by calling at our helpline 03111-787-222 or sending us an email at