Child Education In Pakistan

Have we ever wondered the reasons behind success and failures in a nation? Why do some nations with limited resources rise from the ashes and while others struggle to make ends meet though having all the riches in the world that God May bestowed onto them? Why do nations like Pakistan with a population of 220 million still not have the skillset to make a simple calculator? With research centers that have fallen into the hands of corrupt government officials. While nearly forty percent of the population still living below the poverty line.

Of course, when we jot them down, several reasons can contribute to this mess. No matter how much one reason may seem more significant to the next, we still cannot escape the bigger picture here. In the 21st century, nations without education is more likely to be described nation similar to a herd of cattle.

Now some may find it harsh but the truth is what it is. As described in Daron Acemoglu and James A. Robinson’s book on “Why Nations Fail”. Education is the binding glue that binds the society’s road to success. A study says that around 24 million children in Pakistan are out of school. Why?

Maybe it is because most people might have lost faith in our education system. With the unemployment rate on the horizon, being educated is just another cliché tag for most people.

Say what you may, education is still the last resort for humanity to achieve their mark in this world. Without it, we might be a society of animals. We must think about this before we decide to put our children out of school.

Of course, “will” may not be the only reason for this, but I like to think of it as one to many reasons to begin with.  Financial constraints is another factor to be considered. Though having limited resources, many government and non-government NGOs are making a great effort to overcome this crisis. One example is “SOS Children’s Villages Pakistan", who has over the years built a strong reputation for serving the underprivileged sector of our society.  With credible schemes as low as Rs. 1000/- per month to educate a child for a brighter future. However, this organization like many is only a drop in the ocean.

So, let’s all aim to support child education in Pakistan. You do not need to pay NGOs to ensure the money is being spent for the right cause. I think if every privileged Pakistani spends about a thousand rupee in a month to educate a child it could make a considerable difference. As you know it’s just a drop in the ocean.

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