Interesting Facts about Lamps

It is common to have a lamp whether it’s in your bedroom, lounge or your office. It is an element that goes beyond being just a simple decoration, since it is also a useful piece of furniture that makes our day to day life easier.

 Some facts about Lamps

The first lamp was invented around 70,000 BC. A hollow rock or natural found object was filled with moss and was soaked with animal fat and ignited.


Around 7th century BC, the Greeks started making terracotta lamps to replace the handheld torches. The word lamp comes from the Greek word lampas meaning torch.


Modern Lamps


These are the kind of lamps you find in bedrooms on your side tables. They are simple but elegant and add beauty to your room. These are mostly dim adding a cozy vibe to your room.



These are called desk lamps and are used in many houses and workplace all around the world.  It's purpose is to provide targeted illumination for accomplishing task such as reading, writing , knitting, computer work etc.


For children you can use these cute lamps at These are chargeable meaning you don't need an electrical outlet to turn these on hence adding to the safety of your children.


Some Fun Hacks


You can make cool lamps with a bottle filled with water and a torch light.


You can easily make these lamps at home. Carefully make a hole at the bottom of the bottle so that the led strips can be easily plugged. Put the led strip in the bottle and turn them on. The outside can be designed with what you like.

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