Founders at have taken an initiative to invest in “Made In Pakistan” products

Are you an inspiring Entrepreneur Manufacturing Goods for Consumers in Pakistan?

“We started two years back via selling 100% imported goods to our customers, we are changing our course entirely. The manufacturing sector ,due to various political and economic factors, has not been able to flourish to its optimum potential. Pakistan has largely become an imported economy.” CEO

We as a nation are becoming more and more reliant on importing various daily and luxurious items.

Pakistanis are manufacturing high quality goods such as tissue hand wipes, data cables, handkerchiefs, customized gift boxes, 3D cards, puzzles, hair scrunchies etc. The goods are of high quality and are affordable



Founders at have taken an initiative to invest in “Made In Pakistan” products. 

“We want to change the general perception of our countrymen, that Pakistan as a nation has the ability to develop “High Quality” and “Affordable” products, We are requesting committed and motivated Pakistani entrepreneurs to contact us via email : Our team will coordinate with you to display and sell your products in the most professional manner.” CEO

Supa is open to deal in all sorts of non-digital products and committed to building an inventory of 2000+ SKUs by the end of the year 2022. The products will be promoted and displayed on the website and physical store.

Let us revive the self-esteem and pride of our entrepreneurs, so they can prove to be brave economic soldiers for Pakistan.

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