5 Slipper Facts You Never Knew

5 Slipper Facts You Never Knew

At Heat Treats, we are renowned for our eclectic range of slippers. From a microwavable boot to a novelty gorilla, we are confident we could satisfy anyone in the world with a top-quality slipper. Nonetheless, 900 years ago, one might not have been so happy to receive such a gift

Sinister Slippers

Slippers originated in the 12th century. A rich sultan from Vietnam forced his concubines to wear them as a means of keeping the women captive. They were soft, thin-soled and slippery to prevent them from escaping across the surrounding rocky terrain outside their harem (quarters specifically for the concubines.)

Slipper Origins

The word ‘slipper’ in English dates back to 1478, originating from the verb ‘to slip,’ presumed by the easy motion of putting on the garment.

However, ‘to slip’ could also mean ‘to strike or beat with a slipper.’ Slippering was a common form of punishment in schools for naughty children.

As late as 1980, a school in Liverpool issued 1,800 slipperings in a year!


One of the largest slippers in the world was actually made by mistake following a mis-read of a decimal point.

was surprised to receive a size 1,450 ‘Monster Slipper’ the size of a car when the manufacturer misread Boddingham’s bespoke order for a size 14.5.

The national papers quickly tore the story to shreds however, noting that ‘Tom Boddingham’ bore an uncanny resemblance to the company’s website manager. Cynics claimed it was nothing more than an elaborate PR stunt!

Slipper Etiquette

In Japanese homes, each family member will have two pairs of slippers. One is used for general wear around the house, but a separate pair specifically for when using the toilet.

It is considered bad etiquette not to change in and out of your specific slippers for every trip!

Inside Japan wrote, “accidentally forgetting to take off the toilet slippers after leaving the WC is pretty much the most mortifying thing you can do!”

Slipper + Study = Success!

The world’s most successful exam taker credits his success to slippers.

The academic has an impressive 70 O-levels, 16 A-levels, an S-level as well as a degree under his belt and states that “it is important to have comfortable feet.”

Amazingly, research actually supports his statement. Studies have found comfortable clothing can have a profound effect on academic performance. There is correlation between formal/uncomfortable clothing in exams and lower than expected grades.

At Heat Treats HQ, all our staff are strong advocates of this. We each have our own pair of slippers, ready and waiting under our desks to slip into on a morning!

Choosing the Right Slipper for You

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