1. Only since the nineteenth century does the handbag exist. In the days before, women wore boxes

2.A feng shui saying goes like this: "A purse on the floor is money out the door.

3.The average woman in the Netherlands has about six bags in her possession. That does not necessarily mean that each of them is of an expensive brand. Often, they buy one or two bags for every occasion and a few extra bags that match well with her outfits. In fact, six bags per household is still relatively few compared to Italian women. With the average Italian woman, the number of bags can increase to twenty or sixty per person!

4.The handbag of the average Dutch woman weighs 2.4 kilos. A few years ago, this was even more, because many women then carried heavier equipment with them. But with the arrival of the smartphone and light laptops, the weight has dropped.

5.A woman spends about 76 days of her life searching in her handbag. On average, there are 15 different articles in the bag.

6,The top five items in the handbag are: keys, wallet, telephone, handkerchiefs and pens.

7.The most expensive bag ever made is a heart-shaped copy of 18 carat gold and is covered with 4517 diamonds. It costs around 3 million euros and has the name Mouawad 1001 Nights Diamond Purse. 

8.In films, women with a rich husband are always depicted with expensive jewelry and bags. Research has shown that women with expensive bags give the idea that they have a dedicated husband. In addition, it is a means to beat the competition of other women.

9.The bag of a woman initially says a lot more about her personality than you might think. At first sight it may seem like a bag with a nice pattern or a matching accessory to the outfit. But the bag offers the woman a lot of confidence and security. If you are allowed to look into another woman's bag, it means she knows you through and through and has no secrets for you.

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