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We all know that a kitchen is the heart of the house. Most of our time is spent in the kitchen when not at work. The trend for open plan kitchen and dining area is getting very common. It is important that your kitchen looks good and welcoming when you are cooking or entertaining some guests.

Kitchen textile products are products which are primarily used in the Kitchen for functional products as well as decorative purposes. These products include aprons, oven gloves, kitchen towels, table cloths, napkins, Tea towels, Fabric Bread Baskets and Fruit Baskets.

Have a look at some Kitchen Textiles that brings for you.




Aprons are an important part of Kitchen Textiles. The word Apron comes from a French word naperon which means small cloth. The word was mispronounced as an apron and eventually the garment was known as apron. Aprons were used by different professions and the main difference would be there style and color. Commonly aprons are worn while cooking as you don’t want to ruin your clothes with food spillage while cooking or with the excessive heat.


Oven Gloves

Oven Gloves are basically used for protecting your hands when handling hot items like pots on stove, bakeware or items in the oven. Oven gloves are made of cotton or silicon and fabrics which are heat insulators. Oven gloves are decorated by colorful patterns and are mostly washable so that any food residues are easily removed. Oven gloves are said to be invented in the United States in 1870s by an American baker Earl Mitt and were made of wool and leather.


Fabric Bread Hot Pot

Fabric bread hotpots are made of cotton and fabric that keeps your bread fresh and hot for some time. These are lightweight, portable and easily washable. With the help of a zip the hotpot remains airtight and helps the bread remain warm and also makes it easy to open and close. They add to the decoration hence enhancing the style and look of your kitchen. These are found on your dining table and give the table an elegant look. If you are going on a picnic and want the bread to be fresh you can use this product.


Fruit & Cookie Basket


Fruit Baskets are used for putting fruit in it. They can be covered with a cloth so that they stay fresh. You can also use them to put snacks. These baskets are easy to carry around whether in a car, bicycle or on a walk.


Table Mats & Runners

A Tablecloth is a cloth to cover your table. The benefit of using them is that your table is protected from scratches and stains. Some tablecloths are designed as part of an overall table setting with coordinating napkins, table mats and other decorative items. Table mats that are made of lace and silk are used as decorative pieces.  Silk tablemats are elegant and can be used on special occasions at home. They come in different materials such as fabric, wood, paper and plastic. To make your tables more attractive you can use table runners. Table runners are a great decorative item mostly used on dinner tables.

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