Interesting facts about pens that you probably didn’t know.

Interesting facts about pens that you probably didn’t know.



Pens are something that we come across every single day. Although they are quite useful, they don’t get nearly as much attention as they deserve. ‘What’s so interesting about pens? I look at them every day. They aren’t really fascinating.’ – you might say to yourself.

 An average pen can write about 45,000 words before running out of ink.

The smallest pen in the world is the ‘Nanofountain Probe‘. Scientists use it for nanoscale on-chip patterning.

The lines that this device produces are only 40 nanometers wide.The earliest records of the pen date back to 3,000 years B.C. Ancient Egyptians created the first pens, which could write on papyrus.

They made the pens out of wood and bamboo straws, and the ink from soot or ochre combined with beeswax.

The idea for a pen with an ink container ws conceived in 973 A.D. by Ma’ād al-Mu’izz, an African caliph. He despised when the ink spilled on his hands and clothes, so he commissioned someone to invent a pen that could solve his problem.

The result was a fountain pen quite similar to the modern design that we use today. Basically, this odd request changed the way we make pens forever.

More than 100 people a year die by suffocating on pen caps. The most common situation which leads to this is when a person puts the cap in its mouth, bites it, or plays with it.

That can cause a person to swallow the cap and suffocate. This is why BIC pens have a hole in the lid to prevent such choking accidents occurring.


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