Interesting Facts About Socks

Interesting Facts About Socks

Where does a word sock come from?

According to Wikipedia, the modern English word sock is derived from the Old English word socc, meaning ‘light slipper’. This comes from the Latin soccus, a term to describe a "light, low-heeled shoe", and deriving from the Ancient Greek word sykcho.

A short history of the sock

Socks have been used to keep feet warm for millennia. The first socks were animal skins gathered and tied around the ankles and the ancient Greeks made them from matted animal hair. Later the Romans used leather or woven fabric to keep their feet warm. Up until 1589 the knitting machine was invented for the production of hosiery although socks were still hand-knitted on a commercial scale up until 1800. The earliest surviving cloth socks were found in Egypt. Dating between 300-500AD, they have ‘toes’ so they can be easily worn with sandals. You can still buy toe socks today; free your toes and take a look at our selection.

Where are the most socks made?

According to Wikipedia, the township-level district of Datang in the city of Zhuji in Zhejiang Province, People's Republic of China, has become known as Sock City. The town currently produce 8 billion pairs each year, a third of the world's production, effectively creating two pairs for every person on the planet on 2011.

Materials used for socks manufacture (cotton, bamboo, wool)

Natural fiber is the best material for socks such as bamboo, Tencel, cotton, silk, and wool. However, socks can also be made from man-made materials including acrylic, olefins, nylon, polyester, and even spandex (elastane or lycra). Socks made predominantly from man-made materials sometimes have silk, bamboo, linen, cashmere or mohair added to make them softer. Check out our exciting bamboo range for a soft, natural but hard-wearing sock.

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