Ancient Egypt was the first known culture to exchange rings.

Most people understand the importance of buying rings, where they should buy one from and how to buy them. However many people don’t know the history and facts behind them. Ever thought where the concept of engagement ring’s came from?

Have a look at some fun facts of rings you did not know.



Giving and receiving rings started as early as the Egyptian period, in 3000 BC . They were designed round to symbolize eternity. That’s because a circle has no beginning and no end, and reflects the sun and moon which the Egyptians worshipped.


Rings have been a long- standing symbol of union and commitment  which can be traced back to  pre-history. Cavemen would create chords of braided grass  to tie around the waist, ankles and wrist of their chosen mates.


Any idea why engagement rings are worn on the fourth finger of your left hand? This is because Ancient Egyptians believed that the ring finger (fourth finger on left hand) contained vena amoris or “vein of love” that led directly to your heart.


The custom of men wearing rings was not common until World War 2 when men fighting overseas would wear them to remember their wives and families at home. The tradition continued through the Korean war.



Now wearing rings has become part of fashion and without it your outfit is incomplete. It is not necessary that rings symbolize commitment as in todays age wearing rings is very common. For many of us casual outfit is an everyday thing so it is important to style yourself so that you stand out among people. For this you can add minimalist designed rings that will give modern touch to your outfit.

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