Looking for Headphones?

In today’s age everyone needs headphones whether it’s a marathon race, a long train journey or a day at the office, headphones are an indispensable part of our lives.


Did You Know?

Back in the 1880’s telephone operators used a simplified version of headphones. It had a single earpiece and had to be connected to a contraption together with a mouthpiece for transmission.

Nathaniel Baldwin made the first modern headphones by hand in his kitchen and later sold them to the Navy to be used as a piece of radio equipment.

In the 70’s headphones were used for listening records at home. Hence Portability was not a major concern for manufacturers. The headphones could weigh from 1 to 2 kg.


Noise cancelling headphones were introduced for the Aviation Industry. Dr Amare Bose founder of Bose Corporation was travelling back home and was disappointed to hear the loud noise of the engine. There was a concern that the hearing of the crew could be damaged so Bose’s noise cancelling headphones were introduced and they were a huge success.


Headphones in 1910


As you can see headphones from 1910 have been modernized. Can you imagine yourself in your office or school wearing headpiece which weighs about 2kg? That’s right you will get tired before your day ends and you won’t be looking forward to wear them. Adding to the weight would be the outside noise you can still hear but in todays age you don’t worry about these things. Different companies have introduced different type of headphones. For example lightweight headphones, earbuds which are portable and connect to Bluetooth, over the  head headphones.

How Headphones have modernized


These are the most basic yet stylish headphones you can get. These are pretty cheap in price and give good quality sound.


These are the Earbuds you can get if  the wire is annoying you. Earbuds are small in size and easily portable as they can fit into your pockets. These are commonly used by sportsmen as they are lightweight and when fixed in properly won’t fall during rapid movement. You have to charge the device before using the headphones. Connect them to Bluetooth and you are ready to use them.

Wireless Headphones

These are the wireless headphones that sit completely on the ear and enclose it completely. This creates a rich sound and better external sound insulation. Mostly used by gamers who want high quality sounds while they are gaming . These headphones are much more convenient than the previous ones.

Some Hacks you will benefit from

Sometimes headphones wires get tangled in your bag and it sure is a struggle to untangle them. Sometimes you can’t find them in your bad. A solution for this is that you can put your headphones in your glasses cover.


Headphones can get dirty as most of the time there in your ears. For better quality and hygienic purposes try cleaning them with an ordinary toothbrush.



Your headphones cord can also get dirty and you don’t want to use water around them as they may get damaged. Try using an ordinary eraser to clean them.

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