Backpacks Some Interesting Facts You Should Know

Backpacks Some Interesting Facts You Should Know

Backpacks are handy bags made of cloth, plastic or leather. Featuring a lightweight construction, they can be used to carry personal belongings on a daily basis. These bags are generally secured with two straps. However, there can be exceptions to this.


Here are some fun facts for you:


  • The word backpack was invented in 1910. Before that, the terms knapsack and packsack were used.

  • Dick Ketly invented backpacks for a hiking trip!

  • Backpacks are much better for your back because it evenly distributes the weight to both shoulders. You don’t have to keep switching sides, unlike totes.


  • The lightest objects in your pack should be located at the bottom.

  • All packs should be worn on the lower half of the back to minimize the effect on posture.

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