Fun Facts About Your Cup & Mugs



Mugs are a fundamental part of our day! They’re with us as we drink our morning coffee, are there for us to eat our soup at meal lunchtime, and they’re waiting for us with a hot chocolate inside before bed! Beyond this, what do you know about your loyal companion? Fancy getting to know your mug a little better with these facts…

Fact 1: 

If you don’t know this already then you really do need to read our fact article! But in case you didn’t know, mugs are used to hold hot liquids. These liquids are not limited to just coffee and hot chocolate, because you can use a mug to hold soup too! 

Fact 2: 

Sadly, most ancient mugs don’t exist anymore because they were made from wood or bone. Both wood and bone mugs would’ve turned to dust hundreds if not thousands of years ago…

Fact 3: 

While you might think handles are a given on a mug, this isn’t always the case. You can buy mugs that don’t come with handles. Don’t ask me why because I think it is very dangerous not to have a handle! 

Fact 4: 



A decorated clay mug was found in Greece and it is said to date back to 4000-5000 BCE. BCE stands for Before Common Era.



Fact 5: 



Travel mugs are insulated drinks holders that were brought onto the market sometime in the 1980s.



Fact 6: 



The ‘whistle mug’ as you’ve probably guessed is a mug that when you blow through it, makes a whistling sound! So, this isn’t your usual mug because it has a tiny hole in the bottom to let air in and out, which also helps to make the whistle. Probably completely useless in the beverage industry! 



Fact 7: 

A mug will typically hold about 350ml of liquid. Obviously, some mugs will be far bigger and others will be smaller.



Fact 8: 



Mugs are usually stored on a mug tree! This is a specially designed pole with pegs pointing slight upwards that you just slot mugs onto! 



Fact 9: 



Travel mugs are well-insulated and are able to keep the liquid inside warm for a number of hours. These mugs also come with an anti-spill system so people don’t burn themselves as they drink. 


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