Teddy Bears Comfort Kids

How many of you remember a teddy bear by your side through all your highs and lows? Why did we keep a teddy bear with us through it all? Why do teddy bears comfort kids? This is because most children develop a special bond with a toy. A teddy bear is a transitional object representing a very important part of a child’s psychological development. It is considered a friend and a companion that a child can always talk to and cuddle with for emotional support.

Children at a very young age rely on their parents for the love and care they want and see their parents as a powerful source of safety, stability, and comfort. As they grow, they pass on some of this adoration to objects like their teddy bears. When this happens, the teddy bear becomes a cuddly object. Teddy bears, as a transitional object, teach a child many important lessons like emotional stability, social skills, etc.

Teddy bears to comfort children by helping them self-regulate and providing a sense of security, safety, and emotional well-being. There are several ways in which a teddy bear comforts a child:

Chemicals that make them happy

Oxytocin and serotonin are chemicals the human body releases when hugged by someone loving. These chemicals make a person feel relaxed and decrease stress levels. Snuggling a teddy bear gives the same effect. Teddy bears develop self-soothing skills in a child that help them become independent adults. Cuddling the teddy brings a comfortable and loving feeling that a child may get from their parents, which makes it easier for a child to comfort themselves all by themselves without the help of their parents.

A little bit of mobile love

As a child grows up, they may face challenges where they may not find their parents around. This may be overwhelming, and under such circumstances, a teddy can provide a portable form of mom and dad’s love. A child will feel more comfortable and confident with their teddy when familiar faces are nowhere to be found. This increases their coping skills, resilience, sleep, and self-esteem because of the self-soothing behavior that develops in a child because of the teddy bear.


Teddy bears aid toddler’s journey towards independence by helping them practice the nurturing role. The child takes the opportunity to take care of their teddy and nurtures it by tucking it into bed, serving it dinner, and playing with it. A teddy bear provides a child with a trusted and loving companion.

Not just a simple stuffed toy

Teddy bears are more than just a plushie for children. They are cuddly tools that aid healthy emotional development and soft and huggable plush toys that help children practice and reinforce significant life skills.

Kids are eager to explore this huge world and would love to have a buddy along for the ride. Therefore, Supa provides 100% organic teddy bears that are chemical-free and harmless. We assure you that your child can love their companion and be safe. This buddy of theirs will have their back all the time and teach them some very important life lessons.
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